Facebook album sync – Android application

As I promised in the last post, a new application and a more advanced one (than the first two) is out on the market. Facebook album sync will keep your phone photo gallery synchronized with your Facebook pictures. Very simple interface will guide you through the following process:

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Authorize the Facebook application to access your account data (the well known “Allow” button you see each time you add an application on Facebook).
  3. Use the Check boxes to choose which of your albums you would like to download.
  4. Touching the “Download Albums” button will start the download process of the selected albums.

After the process is complete you can go ahead to the Gallery in the device and see your new pictures lined up, arranged in albums just like in Facebook.

The application has 2 versions. The Lite version has some ads in it and will allow you to download your albums. The Full version ($0.99) has no ads in it and will unlock the ability to download the album called “My Facebook Tags” (at the bottom of the albums list). Downloading your Tagged pictures will fetch all pictures you are tagged in even if they were not uploaded by you.

Application Name: Facebook album sync / Facebook album sync – Lite

Market link: Lite / Full

Market barcode:




Christmas Sound Board – Android application

Christmas Sound Board Screenshot

Continuing the Christmas scene… Another application for the upcoming Holiday. This time, a Christmas sound board. A nice looking icon screen will play the common Christmas sounds. You can play the sounds individually or together.

Application Name: Christmas Sound Board

Market link: Link

Market Barcode:

After I learned the basics of Android, Expect more advanced applications very soon (already under development…).


Christmas counter – Android application

My first Android application is out and available at the Android market. In the upcoming Christmas spirit, this application will show you the exact time remaining for Christmas to arrive. As this is my first application, it does not a very sophisticated one… Very simple countdown screen with the Christmas spirit sound playing in the background.

Application name: Christmas Counter

Market Link: Link

Market Barcode:

Don’t forget to touch the screen for your daily Ho-Ho-Ho…