Services – Url shortener

After a while not posting any new apps/services, I am pleased to announce the latest service I am a part of. – Url and Text Shortener is very similar to other URL shorteners online with a little twist… It can shorten Texts 🙂 (we’ll get to that..)

With you can take any Long-ugly URL and turn it into a short-beautiful and easy to use and share link. All you have to do it paste the long link to the main text box on the site home page and click “”. The shorten permanent link will replace the long link placed in the text box. All there is left to do is paste it on and share it.

With every short URL generated there will be also a matching QR Code. You can save the image and share it as you wish. Scanning the QR code will direct the scanner to the original link.

About the twist… Check out the button on the main page. It will send you to a page with a rich text editor. There, you can write any message you like, style it, color it and so on, then click The site will save the message with all it’s style and give you a short link in return (like the main service). Following that link will direct the user to a page containing the content that was saved. So… from now on, when you have a long message to paste to someone you know a new cool way to do so.

As always, feedback’s are always welcomed.

Have fun!