Goodbye Feeder

After spending a lot of time developing and promoting Feeder – It’s time to say goodbye.

Despite the many development and promoting hours invested in Feeder, I could not get enough people to use it. At least, not enough to pay the rent on Feeder’s server side infrastructure. Therefor, I have removed the app from the play store and closed down the servers.

There are approximately 600 weekly active users in Feeder. If you are one of them – I am Sorry.

Active users can go ahead and uninstall the app. It will not work anymore (no servers alive). Thank you for your support and interest in the app. Hope you enjoyed it while it last.


Feeder malfunction

At the 7/12/2013 Feeder has encountered a database malfunction and some of the users may have lost their subscriptions. If you login the app and see there are no subscriptions for the account you have been effected and should re-subscribe to your feeds.
I am really sorry about the issue and taking the necessary steps to ensure it wont happen again.


[NEW APP] Feeder is OUT!!!

Hi all,


Feeder, the news reader I’ve been working on for the past few months is finally out to the Play store.

Feeder is a smart news reader. You can search and subscribe to virtually any site/feed on the web and get an aggregated feed of all the sites you like to follow.

With Feeder you can read all the content you are subscribed to, filter it by sites and/or by subject and get push notifications when new articles publish. Notifications can be set per feed and/or per subject (!). All of these features in a nice, clean and easy to use interface.

Download your copy NOW – I promise you’ll like your new reading experience 🙂

Play store link.

As usual, Feedback are welcome (good and bad:))